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The QR Card "Review Magnet"

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The QR Card "Review Magnet" is a customized, printed card that is connected to your Google My Business profile. It can be placed on any flat surface, like a receptionist desk, as a reminder for your staff to ask for reviews and for your clients to quickly leave a review. 
At ReviewBiz our business is to increase your business's social proof. Claim your free QR Card "Review Magnet" and start collecting more Gym location reviews today. 
ReviewBiz Founder Andres Escobar Demonstrates the power of the QR Card "Review Magnet"

Reviews & Experiences

Here are a few testimonials from our satisfied customers
Andres and his team really have helped us harness the power of positive reviews. Their system is built to make it uncomplicated and manageable while providing the flexibility to let it run in the background while we focus on our core business. Thanks again all at ReviewBiz

Saran Ramnanan

Jupier, Florida.
I love Andres. He is very professional and will help you keep and cultivate your connections with your best customers as well as help you find more ideal customers which is crucial for business to grow, Since we have been working with Andres customers are more willing to share their experiences online which really help us to connect with more customers we want to serve, Thanks Review Biz and Andres you guys are "class act".


West Palm Beach, Florida
These guys go above and beyond to help you and your business. Very knowledgeable and help your business and get solid reviews. Great Company!

Kris gieske

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions

Before Using our services our most loyal customers were intrested in knowing these questions before they grew thier business.
Where can I place my QR code card?
You should place the QR code card stand in high traffic areas in your gym. 
Here are a few ideas: front desk, water fountain, around the bathroom, or even on a wall into a class.
Where does the QR code card send my customers?
The QR code will send your customers to your direct Google My Business review url.
Can I customize the link to my QR code card?
Customization is free for ReviewBiz members or can be available for an additional fee email
How do online reviews help my business?
Word of mouth is the oldest form of marketing and today its evolved into word of mouse.
The words your customers use when leaving a review becomes prime fuel for search engines to give your prospective customer the best results. So this will help you generate more attention online and if your online reputation is better than your competition then they are more likely to reach-out to you or visit your website.
We're about to send you a custom designed QR card for your gym that points DIRECTLY to your Google My Business review link. With your purchase today you will receive ONE printed card in a display case. 

If you are motivated to get as many reviews as possible, we would recommend printing multiple QR cards and putting them all around your gym (at the water fountain, check-in, workout areas etc.).  To make getting more reviews and increasing your social proof easy we're making the SOURCE FILE available for purchase today. 

Take this print ready file and print as many QR CARDS as your gym requires

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